Our fourth montage at Ben Lee Skatepark was filmed on a few different occasions in the spring time of 2014.

The video features skating by: Jordan "JJ" Johnson, Jesse Blashil, Tyler Dodds, Josh Worsfold, Dan Sadowick, Mackenzie Bennett, Jaxon Truitt, Wes Bateman, Robby Barry, Cole Ewart, Kaine Carlson, Torin Crowe, Tate Roulette, Connor Belvis, Alex Poulin & Johnny Tassopoulos.

Filmed & edited by: Kinsley Pearen.

Element Skateboards came to Penticton, British Columbia to host a contest in their "Make It Count" series.

14 & Over Placement:

1st - Kevin Ramsay

2nd - Justin Sure

3rd - Layne Caplette

13 & Under: 

1st - Ben Baker

2nd - Jaxson Cahill 

3rd - Unknown

The video features: Shay Sandiford, Connor Belvis, Jeremy Viejou, Ryan Bjorgan, Jaxson Cahill, Ben Baker, Micheal Toma, Brock Ramsay, Kyle Rustad, Layne Caplette, Justin Sure & Kevin Ramsay.

Appearances from: Alex Poulin, Bobby Dekeyzer, Reginald Perrett, Tyler Phillips & friends.

Filmed & edited by: Kinsley Pearen.

Go Skateboarding Day 2014 - Kelowna

Element "Make It Count" Penticton 2014

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Ben Lee Skatepark Montage 4.0

Webisode #4 was filmed during the 2013/14 season, on Big White Resort's closing day as well as a day in the post-season.

Featuring: Ian Sacht, Dylan Anderson, Mat Glenn & Pat Montieth

Filmed & edited by: Kinsley Pearen

Skating took place in Kelowna, B.C., Canada at Ben Lee Skatepark, City Park Skatepark and various spots around downtown.

Skating by: Alex Poulin, AJ Loiselle, Johnny Tassopoulos, Kevin Ramsay, Dusty, Jeremy Viejou, Mackenzie Bennett, Ilan, Jaxson Cahill, Sheldyn Uttley, Kyle Rustad, Brandon Bosch, Kaine Carlson, Zach Moore, Matt Kost, Brock Ramsay, Matt Stevens, Jamie Miller, Ed Bekker & Friends.

Filmed & edited by: Kinsley Pearen

skiBUDZ Webisode #4

Robby Barry @ North 97 Indoor Skatepark

A few sessions with Robby Barry at North 97 Indoor Skatepark in Kelowna, BC, Canada before the park shutdown this summer. The video also features skating by Jesse Barrett & Justin Sterling.

Filmed & edited by: Kinsley Pearen.